Sunday School Mitcham Junction

The Sunday School is designed to teach children from the area facts from the Bible, about the Lord Jesus.


  • Every Sunday during term time
  • 1:30pm till 2:30pm
  • Ages 4 and over
  • Singing
  • Quizzes
  • Bible Stories
  • Prizes

During the hour, we have 20-25 minutes of singing and quizzes. Then we split up into various groups based on age for a lesson from the Bible. The younger children learn Bible verses, craft and colouring, through to the older children who complete advanced activities!


Children are able to collect points towards prizes. These points are awarded to the children for:

  • singing
  • helping
  • bringing their Bible
  • learning the Bible verse
  • answering questions

Any new children are warmly welcome and bonus points are awarded to children for bringing their friends for the first time.


Parents / Guardians are most welcome to sit in with their children to see what we do.


Bible Verse

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Sunday School

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