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He was pronounced dead by the authorities and buried in a rock-tomb by his broken-hearted followers. Yet three days later, news started to spread of Jesus Christ's resurrection from death. Individuals, groups, and at one time a crowd of over five hundred of his followers, all reported seeing, touching, talking to, and even eating with the risen Jesus. These experiences transformed a frightened and dejected band of defeated disciples into a joyful, dynamic, and radical movement, dedicated to proclaiming the good news of Christ's death, and of His victory over death itself. 

Christ's resurrection vindicated His remarkable claims about His mission: that He had come to give life, forgiveness, peace with God, and hope for a better world to come, free from fear, pain, sorrow and corruption. We are capable, by nature, of all kinds of wrongdoing, in thought, word, and deed, and our sin deserves God's righteous judgement. Nevertheless, because Christ has died in our place, and risen again from the dead, He has made it certain "that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (The Bible)

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